We are the group for studying interactive visual installation based on new art and technique-intensive projection mapping and for finding the new space directing way through images.
projection mapping, laser art, laser exhibition, projection art, 3D art, light and shadow, laser, open call, interactive art, installation, new art, new media art
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Rosetta 2019 | Kinetic, Projection, Laser


Rosetta Human beings have been receiving the memory of past civilization and artistic value through engraved or sculpted stones that are preserved for a long time. Even with the rapid development of technology, stone is the medium that can be safely stored for the longest time. We will make a relieved sculpture on the facade surface where the light is emitted across the space through the laser light, which symbolizes modern technology. Like all sculpture works of the past, we will engrave stories of civilization and humanity on each piece, and we want to take time to think about the future through this.